Interior Ceiling Design Ideas: What Color and Style Fits Your Room Best

Commonly called as the fifth wall, ceilings are also entitled for appraisal as it plays a crucial part in a home’s interior design. Thus, when choosing a ceiling design, the color palette of a certain room must be taken into consideration. A home’s ceiling is considered as one of the largest breadth of endless space in a certain room, with its color having a great impact on the overall room ambience. Choosing the perfect ceiling design often varies for each home and each room. It also varies depending on the availability of space as well as the surrounding wall and overall house theme. There are different colors and patterns an individual can choose from when deciding for their home’s ceiling design.

From the beam ceiling to tray ceiling, drop ceiling to cove ceiling, there are various ceiling inspirations that one can choose to give their room an exceptional and exclusive feel they desire. Right paint must be considered as it contributes to the difference on the overall design of a room. There are colors that give a sophisticated look to ceiling and there are ones that perfectly fits the type of room’s overall appearance. Generally, an ultra-flat finish can absorb more light which could eliminate the ceilings glare. It could also hide multiple ceiling’s surface imperfections.

To find the perfect design of your ceiling that can match your space overall design, here are some interior design ceiling ideas that you can make use of:

  • For large room with high ceiling, experimenting with ceiling color that comes in deeper shade could be utilized. You can also apply pattern for the ceiling not to look bare as well as boring. You can mix and match color to make an architectural feature. You could also add ceiling chandelier and medallion to make an ideal focal point in the ceiling’s center. This could also contribute to the formal and warm feel of your room.
  • For rooms that come with neutral-colored walls, interesting colors on its ceiling could add up to the room’s personality and idealness. It could also add up charm to the room. To add personality to your room, you could look for the furnishing as well as the other elements in your room then choose a color that can complement them.
  • Rooms with higher ceiling often need creative treatments. With this, you can give bold designs and colors which is also applicable even if your room is small. You could put up stenciled designs and put an accent colors that can create strong graphic. This could help you maximize the vertical space as well as balances other elements that could be found in your room.
  • For modern bedroom or rooms, applying organic colors could make it look elegant yet cozy. You could also pair a deep, sophisticated and warm room walls with tone-on-tone furnishings as well as accessories in muted hues as it can create a monochromatic color pattern. When using tone-on-tone color, it would be advisable to also use patterns and textures in your decorations for you to create an ideal visual interest.