How to Plan a Ceiling Design

A ceiling design can be the highlight of your room or it can be well planned to accentuate the ambience and features of your interiors. There is hundreds of interior design ceiling ideas that you can refer to before making up your mind. But what may look amazing on a picture or in a catalog may not be appropriate for your home or office. To plan a ceiling design, you need to approach it in a uniquely personalized manner. What you like, what kind of home or office you have, the space, the theme or essence of your interiors and the other fixtures of the interiors are all factors that will determine the kind of ceiling design you should opt for.

Deciding The Type Of Ceiling Design

There are various types of ceiling design. You can opt for a stretch ceiling or a tray ceiling. You can go for a false ceiling or use the height in its entirety for one of the rare interior design ceiling ideas. What kind of ceiling design will look good in the particular room in question has to be ascertained. You may take a liking to stretch ceiling or a tray ceiling but you have to understand if it would be a perfect choice for your room.

Understanding Attributes

There are several attributes of any ceiling design. You have to consider the physical features, the materials being used, the lighting fixtures, the utility of the ceiling, if any, and how it is accentuating or gelling with the interiors. The height of the walls, the height of the ceiling from the ground and the shape of the room are other physical aspects that have to be taken into consideration while working on a ceiling design. Some ceilings can be utilitarian and have lofts while some may not have any light sockets or any conduits embedded within while some may have many light fixtures, AC ducts and concealed electrical wiring. Such elements will have to be accounted for while planning on ceiling design.

Budget & Maintenance

The best interior design ceiling ideas would not be very cheap and you have to choose a ceiling design as per your budget. You have to clean and maintain your ceiling, whether it is a stretch ceiling or false tray ceiling, hence you should keep that in mind as well. You wouldn’t be opting for a new ceiling design every now and then. Thus take your time, make a worthwhile investment and be proud of the ceiling design you choose.